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3 Tips for Giving the Gift of Luxury Skincare

posted 2020 Oct

Luxury skincare is a great gift idea for the people in your life who you know deserve a little bit of extra pampering. Most people are in search of great products that will give them a clean, clear, glowing and youthful appearance yet they don’t always invest in premium, high-grade gifts for themselves. As noted by Best Health Magazine, it’s nice to give someone something they wouldn’t indulge in themselves. Giving someone the gift of luxury skincare is never a bad idea as long as it’s done the right way. We’d like to share a few simple tips with you to make choosing the best skincare products for your loved ones easier. 

1. Make sure the products you’re gifting are high quality

When it comes to gift-giving, intention should always play a major part in your gifting choices. The best gifts are thoughtful and given from the heart. With that being said, when it comes to skincare, you also want to make sure the products you choose contain quality ingredients and botanicals that will nourish the skin. 

2. Ensure the recipient is interested in skincare products

It’s a good rule of thumb to give people gifts that relate to their interests. This article on Mashable reminds us that it is important to “know your audience”. It’s always great to give the people you care about gifts they will use. Receiving luxurious, high quality products can feel like a wonderful treat. 

Whether it’s from their favorite brand or a brand you think they’d like to try, gifting someone whom you know is already an enthusiast or someone who has expressed interest in learning about skincare, can be heartwarming for everyone involved. Giving gifts that bring the recipient excitement and joy is a wonderful feeling and, for many people, receiving high quality skincare products is exciting because they can’t wait to see how they work.  

If you know that an interest in skincare exists, gift sets are a great way to go. Many brands create sets of products that work well together or even sets that allow you to try the entire line for less than what it would cost to purchase each individual product. For example, Avya’s Signature Set contains 5 of our products, full of potent, medical grade actives balanced with nourishing, soothing botanicals that leave skin moisturized, healthy and radiant. 

Smaller skincare sets that include fewer products can also be great to allow a person to become familiar with a new brand or to give them a specific regimen. 

3. Think about the person you’re purchasing for

Luxury skincare is a wonderful gift when it can be received positively and in a polite manner. Anti-aging serums such as Avya’s Anti-Aging Power Serum that treats fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation as well as eye treatments such as Avya’s Eye Bright Cream are great gifts for your closest friends and family members. However, more general gifts such as our Gentle Facial Cleanser, Nourishing Hand Treatment and Day or Night Moisturizers make lovely gifts for anyone, even co-workers or other acquaintances. 

The wonderful thing about skincare products is that everyone can benefit from them regardless of gender. Both men and women benefit from healthy, youthful, glowing skin. 

Before choosing a skincare product as a gift, take time to think about how the other person will receive it. This will help you choose the best products for their specific needs or the desired effects they may have expressed.

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