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How to keep stress from affecting the look of your under-eye area

posted 2020 May

Keep stress awayEye Bright Cream
Tanuj Nakra, MD

How to keep stress from affecting the look of your under-eye area

The eyes are the focal point of facial beauty.  Scientific studies have shown that we are literally hard- wired from birth to be attracted to beauty, especially sparkling bright eyes. This genetic, psychological, and cultural focus on facial beauty spans across the globe, and so it's only natural that we are focused on the cosmetic appearance of our eyes, with specific concern for dark circles, puffiness or other manifestations of stress around the eye area. In fact, since our eyelid skin is the thinnest on the body, environmental stress and aging can manifest in our eye area first. In these particularly stressful and isolated times, we have been given an opportunity to focus on self-care, especially of the eye region.


Of course, success in treating under-eye dark circles depends on the underlying cause.  In many cases, balanced self-care can result in real improvements to your appearance.  This involves a combination of hydration, sleep, exercise, proper nutrition and the regular use of the effective skincare, especially a hyaluronic acid eye cream for increased elasticity, brightening and anti aging benefits.


You may have heard of – or maybe tried - some common home treatments for the eyes ranging from the usual - tea bags and cucumber slices - to the more exotic - turmeric masks (India), milk & honey (ancient Egypt) or rice water (ancient China.)


With AVYA Skincare, we have embraced the power of ancient botanicals, and combined these with proven medical grade skincare ingredients delivering unparalleled results.  Our AVYA Eye Bright Cream taps into ancient Asian wisdom with turmeric, neem and peony that optimize under-eye skin complexion and reverse aging changes.

Interestingly, many traditional cultural treatments also have inherent effectiveness as anti- inflammatories, pigment controllers, and blood vessel constrictors. Our Eye Bright Cream is the perfect way to wake up tired eyes as it also contains caffeine (to reduce puffiness and leaky blood vessels), optical diffusers (hides imperfections), cassava matrix technology (shrink-wraps superficial wrinkles), as well as various hydrators (to enhance skin tone and reduce wrinkles.) 


As the co-founder of AVYA and a practicing double board-certified facial & ophthalmic plastic surgeon, I’m incredibly proud to have created our AVYA Skincare Eye Bright Cream and stand by it as the most optimally effective non-invasive treatment for the eye region.

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