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Everything you need to know about Microencapsulation

posted 2020 Aug

The science behind great skincare products can sometimes seem a little complicated. Scientists are constantly working on new ways to make your skincare regimen more effective at the molecular level. One of the most innovative and useful technologies that has been developed in recent years is microencapsulation. 

Thinkglamor.com mentioned this technology as one of the five biggest skincare trends of 2020, and with the effectiveness of this technology, it’s easy to understand why.  

At AVYA we combine innovative skincare science with ancient ayurvedic botanicals to bring you products that nourish your skin from deep within to treat and correct your skincare concerns. We use microencapsulation technology to increase the efficacy of our products to help you achieve better, faster and longer-lasting visible results.

We want to share a little bit about microencapsulation, why we’ve implemented this powerful science into our products, and why you should look for products that use this method for protecting active ingredients. 

The Process of Microencapsulation 

Microencapsulation is a molecular ingredient delivery system that allows active ingredients to maintain stability and potency until they reach their desired destination, inside your skin. Encapsulation is a microscopic process invisible to the eye that allows the important actives to be sealed within a protective shell. That protective shell melts away upon application to the skin allowing the effective ingredients to then penetrate deep into the skin’s layers while maintaining maximum potency.

Why Microencapsulation Matters

You invest so much time and money into your skincare routine. It can sometimes take years to find the right products for your specific concerns and when you find them, they may be costly. Skincare that uses microencapsulation allows your products to maintain the value of the active ingredients. 

Many of the products we use to improve our skin’s appearance contain ingredients that can be highly unstable. For example, AVYA’s Anti-Aging Power Serum contains Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that reverses sun damage, treats hyperpigmentation, combats fine lines and wrinkles, and supports collagen regeneration. All of these attributes make Vitamin C a wonderful additive for those of us who are looking for a serum that has a wide range of benefits. 

However, Vitamin C is highly unstable and oxidizes very quickly when exposed to air. (1) This can lead to degradation of the product while it's simply sitting on a shelf. Vitamin C is also water soluble which means that when it's applied to the skin, it doesn’t penetrate our skin’s top layers very well and then you won’t see or feel the benefits of the product you spent so much time trying to find and invested your money into. 

In this example of Vitamin C, we use microencapsulation for several important reasons:

  • It ensures that the active ingredients in our products last longer.
  • It allows the encapsulated ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, past the skin’s water barriers, which creates desired visible results faster and allows those results to last longer. The capsules that protect the ingredients function in a gradual-release manner allowing actives to work gently for longer periods of time
  • It makes potent products more gentle on the skin. Many active ingredients, while incredibly beneficial to skin, are somewhat harsh in their normal state and can have inflammatory side effects like redness and flaking. The controlled release of microencapsulation allows potent ingredients to do their work at the right place and time without a lot of these unwanted conditions. AVYA encapsulates medical-grade ingredients in addition to ayurvedic botanical extracts to further diffuse these harsh side effects. 
  • It makes ingredients more targeted, giving you their most concentrated form and helps you achieve the best possible results. 

As noted by Savvyjummy.com, microencapsulation is changing the face of the skincare industry. AVYA is helping to lead this movement by using microencapsulation to create more effective face serums, eye creams, and other products that deliver optimal results. 

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