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How to Nourish Your Skin Overnight and Combat Signs of Stress

posted 2020 Jun

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Your skin is an outward reflection of what is going on internally – and increased stress hormones in the body impact our skin in so many ways. It is important to establish a healthy nighttime routine to help combat the side effects of stress on your skin.

How does stress affect your skin?

Elevated hormones like cortisol can lead to inflammation which in turn can result in the breakdown of hyaluronic acid and collagen. These are the very molecules that give skin a vibrant glow and keep you looking youthful and healthy.

Intense stress can lead to changes in diet and sleep cycles that wreak havoc on your skin. Stressed skin often begins to look dry and dull. Skin may look and feel flaky with increased breakouts, redness or rashes. Additionally, some people may see an increase in inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, acne, rosacea or psoriasis along with the increased appearance of fine lines and creases.

Simply adding a hydrating night cream could be the solution to battling stress symptoms in your skin, but other times it’s not enough. Read on to learn more about how to calm your stressed-out skin.

What products should you use in your nighttime skincare routine?

According to Vogue.com, maintaining a healthy diet, like eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, will keep you hydrated and provide nutrients that will help your skin thrive and look it’s best.

Develop a nighttime regimen: Many of us find it difficult to sleep during extremely stressful times. Bustle.com recommends adhering to a nighttime routine preps your mind and body for relaxation. For your nighttime routine it’s best to try and maintain a regular bedtime – and for your self-care consider the following:

Find some quiet time: Take a few moments, even just five minutes, to quiet your mind. This quiet time can include meditation, reflection or prayer, but it doesn’t have to. It can simply be taking a few minutes away from your phone, tv and other distractions to help your body begin winding down from the events of the day.

Consistently follow a nourishing nighttime skincare routine: A skincare regimen that focuses on helping your skin retain moisture is key to healthy skin. AVYA Skincare Night Moisturizer with Vitamin A combines AVYA’s signature blend of peony, turmeric and neem, along with anti-aging Vitamin A, help restore moisture and improve skin’s radiance. Using a hydrating night cream is a key element in your anti-aging nighttime routine. Avya’s Bestselling Night-time Skincare Set focuses on brightening, lifting and hydrating your skin while you sleep.

What ingredients should you look for in the products you choose for your nighttime routine?

Great ingredients are important in the products you choose, especially at high stress times. Because stress can increase the tendency for skin to become dry or inflamed, look for products that contain ingredients that are specifically combined to prevent inflammation. AVYA’s entire line of products is focused on combining some of the most innovative skincare technology with ancient ayurvedics that heal skin from deep within and protect from everyday stressors that can damage skin over time and lead to premature signs of aging.

AVYA’s signature blend of botanicals is included in each product and has been precisely formulated to aid in reducing skin inflammation and adding to your skin’s overall moisture and glow:

  • Neem has been used in India for centuries to reduce redness and inflammation and to relieve dry or itchy skin. It is an effective emollient that aids in the infusion and retention of moisture.
  • Turmeric comes from plants indigenous to India. It has properties that protect and heal UV damage and is also an antibacterial.
  • Peony has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that fight against free radicals and slow signs of aging.

Also look for products that contain ingredients that will help decrease hyperpigmentation and other issues that can arise during times of high stress when we are most prone to breakouts that can leave marks and changes in our sleep. AVYA’s Night Moisturizer is infused with Vitamin A, also known as retinol, which combats signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles and works to even skin tone and diminish hyperpigmentation making it the perfect choice for every skin tone. When using products that contain Vitamin A, it’s important to remember to protect your skin during the day.

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