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The 3 Best Skincare Ingredient Combinations to Use In Your Daily Face Routine The 3 Best Skincare Ingredient Combinations to Use In Your Daily Face Routine

The 3 Best Skincare Ingredient Combinations to Use In Your Daily Face Routine

Powerful skincare ingredient combinations to leave you with healthy, glowing skin

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By now, you probably know which active ingredients are considered must-haves -  retinol, vitamins, antioxidants, AHA’s and BHA’s, the list goes on. But, do you know which skincare ingredient combos produce the best results? We wanted to share our favorite skincare ingredient combinations to leave you with glowing, healthy skin that you’ll be proud to show off this Spring.

Layering SkincareHow do you layer active ingredients?

You may be wondering, is there a right or wrong way to apply skincare.  Truthfully, there is a method for laying skincare that dictates that products with lighter consistency and high absorption should be applied first followed by thicker consistency products.  This means toners, essences and serums are applied first while creams and oils go on last.

Retinoids + Peptides

Peptides are amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins like collagen and elastin. These proteins are vital to having healthy, youthful skin because they impact everything from your skin’s firmness and elasticity to volume and ability to heal. While peptides are great on their own, combining them with retinol increases their absorption and efficacy.

Retinol, a fat-soluble vitamin in the Vitamin A family, helps stimulate the production of new blood vessels in the skin and increases collagen. This powerful, antioxidant packed ingredient improves cell turnover which is why it helps with absorption of peptides. Using a combination of a serum or cream containing peptides and a cream that contains retinol or Vitamin A will give you firmer skin and improve skin’s texture.

Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid

Anti-Aging Power Serum with Vitamin C

Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid are powerful ingredients on their own, but this combination is a game changer when used consistently.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that brightens complexion, aids in cell turnover, strengthens the skin barrier and fights hyperpigmentation and fines lines. This ingredient is a must-have in any routine and can help decrease the visibility of scars and discoloration with consistent use. It is also helpful in preventing and reversing the effects of sun damage. Combined with a powerhouse hydrating ingredient like hyaluronic acid, the potency of Vitamin C is increased.  

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in skin that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. This makes it particularly amazing at quenching dry skin. It's also great for improving skin texture and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Together, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid will leave your skin looking plump, soft and hydrated. Look for serums and moisturizers that contain these ingredients for the perfect daily face routine.

Niacinamide + Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is an ingredient that is often found in cleansers and other products meant to treat blemishes and skin issues like acne. It’s a BHA, a beta hydroxy acid, that exfoliates the skin to help slough off dead skin cells. While this ingredient can work wonders for improving skin texture and tone, it can also be quite harsh on its own. Should you decide to use this ingredient on its own, be sure to find a formula that contains other ingredients that soothe and balance the drying that can result from the use of salicylic acid.  

The hydrating properties of niacinamide make it the perfect combination ingredient with salicylic acid because it can neutralize the drying effects. Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is an essential water-soluble vitamin that cannot be synthesized by the human body, which means we have to consume it or apply it topically to our skin. Look for serums and creams that contain Niacinamide to use after a gentle cleanser containing salicylic acid and you can expect amazing results.