Our synergistic formula of ancient botanicals and rare compounds target multiple aspects of the melanin pathway, leading to radiant, even tone and improved complexion for all skin tones


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Every product in the AVYA™ Skincare line embodies the unconditional strength of the very woman we seek to empower. Because it’s not just about feeling beautiful in your own skin, it’s about what feeling beautiful inspires you to be.


Introducing AVYA's Signature Qusome™

Our skincare experts have created an exclusive blend of peony, turmeric and neem extracts, which, combined with other ancient botanicals and ground-breaking technology, delivers even, radiant complexion, no matter your skin tone or melanin levels.

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“If you’re a woman of color with pigmentation issues or melasma, you’re going to want to check this line out.”

“This luxury serum is worth every single penny!”

“State-of-the-art technology for amazingly radiant results, no matter your wife’s skin type.”

“Luxury skincare designed to indulge all skin tones…”