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In-Beauty: The New Approach that Helps You Achieve Beauty From the Inside Out In-Beauty: The New Approach that Helps You Achieve Beauty From the Inside Out

In-Beauty: The New Approach that Helps You Achieve Beauty From the Inside Out

Skincare RoutineSkincare Routine

Indian beauty rituals have been admired for centuries. Learn about this approach to beauty and how it can change your life.

Now, more than ever before, health and peace of mind have become the new wealth. With such a large focus on self-care, it’s no wonder that our approach to beauty is expanding to encompass practices from around the world. Global concepts of beauty vary, so we wanted to share a bit with you about In-Beauty and how it compares with other beauty methods. 

AVYA is proud to be at the forefront of a new approach to skincare, In-Beauty. In-Beauty, or Indian Beauty, focuses largely on a balancing skincare routine incorporating elements/concepts of Ayurveda and other Indian beauty rituals to overall skincare and beauty. Products based on this approach are formulated with nutrient-rich botanicals, medicinal herbs and healing spices that have been used for thousands of years. In her most recent post about on-the-rise beauty trends, Meghan Asha, the CEO of FounderMade, named In-Beauty as the next movement to take the world by storm.

How is Ayurveda Incorporated in In-Beauty?

Philosophies and practices of Ayurveda, “the science of life” that originated in India over 5000 years ago, are at the center of In-Beauty. For thousands of years, Indian women and men have been using ingredients derived from nature to prevent and cure diseases including ailments of the skin. Ayurveda is a true science that attributes mental, spiritual, and dietary imbalances as the root causes of many health issues. This science promotes balance in all areas of life and suggests that our physical health is intertwined with our mind and spirit. To learn more about this full body approach to self-care, read our blog post on Achieving Balance in Your Daily Life.

At AVYA, our products are deeply rooted in the science of Ayurveda. We combine only the best, time-tested, Ayurvedic botanicals with medical-grade actives to bring you gentle yet effective products that heal, nourish, and prevent skin damage and premature signs of aging. Our founder, Deepika Vyas, has been incorporating Ayurvedic principles in her daily routine throughout her life. “What really inspired me to create Avya is when I was in my early 20s and really getting serious about my skincare. I started buying all these wonderful big brands and they irritated my skin and it was very frustrating for me. Years later, I became a pharmacist and started doing research into ingredients. Serendipitously, my nephew, Dr. Nakra, trained as a cosmetic surgeon. We talked about it and we felt there was really a need for us to try and create a line that was efficacious, but that also brought in the ancient wisdom and ingredients of Ayurveda to address skincare concerns that the legacy brands had not created products for.”

What Makes In-Beauty Different from K Beauty, J Beauty or Other Methods?

K Beauty

As noted on Vox, 2014 was the year of K Beauty, a Korean approach to skincare that focused more so on the application of the product rather than the product itself. K Beauty took Western skincare and the entire beauty world by storm. This approach is defined by lengthy regimens of 10 to 14 steps that include several types of products to be layered in a specific order based on their consistency and desired effect. 

J Beauty

J Beauty, or Japanese Beauty, is a more simplistic approach based on Japanese Geisha cultural understanding of beauty which leans heavily on the idea that beauty is transient, or ever-changing, and that it is not purely physical but that it can be connected to attributes like grace and elegance. You can learn more about J Beauty on Glamour.com

G Beauty

G Beauty, the German approach to skincare, is a no-frills, cut-and-dry method that focuses on efficacy. The products are science-backed and, according to New York Times, follow European standards in terms of ingredients meaning that there are many restricted ingredients which lends to their simple, effective formulas. 


You may be wondering how In-Beauty compares to these other approaches. In-Beauty is a full body approach to beauty that promotes self-love, a healthy diet, exercise, mindfulness, meditation and a good sleep schedule. It is built on the idea that all of these things combined will allow you to feel your best which will, in turn, keep you looking radiant. With this concept in mind, it is no wonder that In-Beauty products are packed with ancient ayurvedic ingredients, meant to heal and nourish the skin. 

Beauty Regimen





K Beauty


How products are applied and used is just as important as products themselves



J Beauty


Accepting of transience and imperfection, grace, elegance, 

Simple, preventative skincare


G Beauty


No-nonsense, cut and dry approach to skincare

Clean, European Standards, Science-backed

Augustinus Bader



360 approach: Outer beauty is an expression of inner radiance and health


Natural botanicals, Full Body approach. Outer Beauty is a reflection of Inner Beauty


AVYA’s signature complex, found in all our core skincare products, is a combination of neem, turmeric, and peony extracts. These ingredients contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties and are full of antioxidants that fight free radicals and prevent skin damage that can lead to premature signs of aging like hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. We believe in balancing the potent actives we use in our products, like the retinol in our Night Moisturizer and medical-grade Vitamin C in our Anti-Aging Power Serum, with healing ayurvedic herbs and spices because we know their soothing and nourishing effects. 

What are the Key Parts of an In-Beauty Lifestyle?

Incorporating In-Beauty in your regimen is about realizing that all of your systems are interconnected. When you feel great mentally and spiritually, you radiate those wonderful feelings which increases your outer physical beauty. 

In-Beauty is a mindset and lifestyle. Below are five key principles for incorporating In-Beauty practices in your daily life.

Practice Self-love

Self-love can mean something different to everyone. What makes In-Beauty such a wonderful approach to beauty is that, because of its ayurvedic roots, it can be tailored to every individual. Generally, self-love is about creating an inner environment that acknowledges your inherent worthiness. Engaging in thought processes that reinforce your value for simply existing is important and can impact your outer world immensely. Self-love can be as simple as choosing to eat healthy foods, being mindful about keeping your body active or even making an effort to get enough sleep. 

Embrace Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of training your mind to be fully present in each moment. This practice helps with self-awareness and often leads to a greater sense of peace. Our co-founder, Deepika Vyas, incorporates mindfulness by making sure to keep gratitude at the center of her lifestyle and by incorporating activities like meditation into her daily routine. “I practice prayer and meditation daily. The first thing I do each morning is focus on gratitude - that attitude of gratefulness just gives me a real balance to not react to when there are ups or downs.”

Inner Body

The way you care for your inner body can reflect outwardly. Co-Founder, Dr. Tanuj Nakra, is a proponent of a plant-based, or mostly plant-based, diet, regular physical activity and a solid sleep schedule. “As a physician I am a cosmetic surgeon, but at my core I am a medical doctor. I really feel that here is a whole body approach to your health that really encompasses beauty and health together. So, the same that we are talking about skincare, I think it is also important to talk about the value of sleep, your diet, and healthy lifestyle choices that enhance your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty.”

Ayurvedic teachings dictate that what you ingest is just as important as what you put on your skin when it comes to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. This is why so many of the herbs that Indian beauty brands incorporate in their products can be found in their traditional cuisine.

Outer Body

Using products that contain ancient ayurvedic botanicals is a crucial aspect of the In-Beauty approach. Many of these botanicals anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that are soothing and healing to the skin and when combined in the correct way with medical actives can help mitigate any potential side-effects like redness or dryness. 

AVYA uses microencapsulation technology to ensure that our signature ayurvedic complex penetrates deeply into the skin along with the medical-grade ingredients we use for this reason. It is this balance that makes our product efficacious yet mild enough for sensitive skin. 

Connection to Self

The soul aspect of In-Beauty is about connection to the self. It's very important to stay connected to ourselves. Knowing who we are allows us to practice self-love and to replenish ourselves so that we may continue giving to those around us. Connecting with yourself allows you to radiate kindness and love, which makes and keeps you beautiful.