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How to Incorporate Mudras into Daily Life How to Incorporate Mudras into Daily Life

How to Incorporate Mudras into Daily Life


Ayurveda is an approach to life that allows us to create and experience connection between our bodies and the world around us. On a daily basis, we are bombarded with images and messages telling us what we should look like, how we should live, how we should act, what we should say or not say, and what things we should own. All of these things can cloud our minds and keep us in a state of feeling disconnected from our true selves. 

One of AVYA’s founders, Deepika Vyas, grew up deeply rooted in the practices of Ayurveda. She was raised in Kenya by a family of Indian descent who incorporated Ayurveda into their everyday lifestyle, not only in practices such as yoga, aromatherapy, and meditation, but also in diet, medicinal and other self-care methods. “As children, when we got a cut or scrape, my grandmother would cover it with Turmeric powder. We never used band-aids,” she recalled in a recent interview with BirchBox. This lifetime experience of the positive, inner and outer effects of Ayurveda is the reason Deepika wanted to incorporate it into a skincare line. 

How Ayurveda is Incorporated into AVYA

At AVYA, our passion is creating products that lead you to a place of connection with yourself where you can honor your true beauty, the beauty that comes from within. In Ayurveda, practices that promote mindfulness, like yoga and meditation, are encouraged. 

Mudras are symbolic hand positions that influence the body’s energies by focusing them through points of the fingers. Each finger represents a different energy: 

Fire - Thumb

Air - Pointer/Forefinger

Space - Middle

Earth - Ring

Water - Small

The fingers essentially act as circuits and the use of mudras adjust the flow of energy which balance these various elements and allow a range of awareness and focus on different aspects of the body and mind. 

How to Incorporate Mudras in Your Daily Routine

Chopra.com has a list of 10 mudras that are used in many different ways. Mudras can be quite powerful when used correctly, so we’d like to share with you three simple hand techniques that you can easily incorporate into your routine. These are used in the lifestyle of Ayurveda to achieve connection, balance and mindfulness: 

Anjali (means “divine offering” in Sanskrit)

Anjali Mudras

This mudra is when the palms are put together at the heart chakra as a greeting, also known as “Namaste”. It is also used in prayer, and some use it in yoga and meditation. It is used at both the opening and closing of yoga sessions but also during yoga asanas as well.  

Gyan Mudra (Mudra for Focus)

Gyan Mudras

This is probably the most widely recognizable mudra associated with Ayurvedic practices. Whether you’re familiar with Ayurveda or not, you’ve probably seen this mudra on television or in a magazine. It is commonly associated with wisdom and concentration and that’s because this mudra increases memory power, enhances concentration and sharpens the brain. It is also said that practicing this mudra regularly can decrease insomnia and combat depression.

Prana Mudra (Mudra of Life)

Prana Mudras

To practice this mudra, bring the tips of your ring finger and small finger together with the tip of your thumb. This mudra is meant to activate life balance and energy. It improves strength and immunity and helps combat fatigue.  

Incorporating mudras and meditation into your daily self-care routine is just as important as adhering to your daily skincare routine or following your diet - to see results, you should be consistent. Greatist.com shared a list of apps that can even teach you some mudras. Whether it's through meditation or just choosing to dedicate five minutes every day to selfcare in some way, taking a  whole-body approach to beauty will yield physical, mental and spiritual benefits and that is part of AVYA’s reason for incorporating Ayurveda into our line. 

Find out more ways you can bring Ayurveda into your everyday skincare routine. We want you to connect with yourself and the world around you with the help of the products we create.