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Salicylic Acid: Why it works and How You Can Incorporate it Into Your Routine Salicylic Acid: Why it works and How You Can Incorporate it Into Your Routine

Salicylic Acid: Why it works and How You Can Incorporate it Into Your Routine

 Salicylic acid has long been touted as one of the go-to products for clear, acne-free skin. You can find it in a myriad of skincare products from cleansers to face wipes. AVYA’s co-founder, board certified cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Tanuj Nakra, included salicylic acid in our Gentle Cleanser along with AVYA Signature Complex, a unique blend of turmeric, neem, and peony extracts that soothe and protect your skin leaving it clean, soft and ready for your daily skincare routines. 

We talked to Dr. Nakra to learn a bit more about why he chose this wonder ingredient and how it can benefit your skin. 

How does salicylic acid work?

Salicylic acid works in two unique ways. First of all, it incites a reaction by the body that exfoliates skin effectively. This exfoliation process helps to reduce fine lines, improve complexion, clear out pores, and minimize acne. The second method that salicylic acid can be helpful is that it effectively reduces harmful bacteria on the skin that can cause inflammation and acne. 

Is salicylic acid gentle enough for any skin type?

Salicylic acid, by its nature, can be irritating in high doses. Teenagers with acne need higher amounts of salicylic acid than someone who is elderly. That being said, most people can enjoy the fantastic benefits of salicylic acid without issues, especially when the salicylic acid is combined with anti-inflammatories like turmeric, neem and aloe. There are some sensitive skin types that might best avoid salicylic acid - specifically people with severe rosacea. 

What other skincare ingredients should you avoid while using salicylic acid?

Because of the exfoliating properties of salicylic acid, it’s important to be thoughtful when combining it with other exfoliants as there can be an additive effect. For example if you are using prescription strength retinoids, you would need to monitor your skin and discuss with your skin care provider.  

What skincare ingredients are beneficial when combined with salicylic acid?

Just like the balance of Yin and Yang, I feel the salicylic acid is best combined with soothing agents to provide balance. Ingredients that can provide a calming force include turmeric, neem, aloe, and witch hazel.  This is why these are all key components of our gentle cleanser!