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Skincare Gifting with AVYA Made Easy! Skincare Gifting with AVYA Made Easy!

Skincare Gifting with AVYA Made Easy!

With the holidays quickly approaching, many of us are brainstorming gift ideas and intently searching for the perfect gifts for coworkers, family, and friends. 

Skincare is a necessity for everyone, which makes it a great gift or stocking stuffer for anyone on your list. We wanted to share a list of the best ways to give the gift of luxury skincare this year.

Incorporate luxury when giving the gift of skincare

Maintaining skin health is important for everyone which makes skincare products a necessity regardless of age or gender. Aspects like formulation, processing, and ingredient quality are what give “luxury” skincare its value. Allure notes that many of the ingredients in luxury skincare products aren’t just decadent, they’re also proven effective. 

At AVYA, our formulations are influenced by thousands of years of tried and true ayurvedic science as well as centuries of Western Medical Science. We source the highest quality botanicals and medical-grade actives available and incorporate them into products to bring you balanced, restorative skincare.  

To incorporate luxury into your skincare gifting, be sure to choose products that are proven effective and have high quality ingredients. We’ve created a list of some of our favorite AVYA products that are perfect for everyone.

Choose products that the skincare enthusiast on your list can use daily

Some of our family and friends are open about their love for great skincare products which makes high quality creams, cleansers and serums an easy gift choice. For people who stick to a consistent skincare regiment, receiving great new skincare products is exciting and practical. 

AVYA’s Daily Essentials are perfect for anyone on your list no matter their skin type, gender or age. This line boasts a Soothing Milk Cleanser that's great for gently removing impurities while calming irritated or inflamed skin. The Daily Detox Clay Mask is especially great for anyone who deals with breakouts, blackheads or clogged pores. It can also be used as a spot treatment for blemishes and leaves skin clear, soft and glowing. 

Incorporating essential vitamins topically on a daily basis can help strengthen your skin’s barrier.

Vitamin C is an ingredient that can be used daily to achieve a brighter, more even complexion. It helps promote collagen production, prevents and diminishes hyperpigmentation and fights sun damage caused by UV rays and free radicals. AVYA’s Anti-Aging Power Serum is a best-seller for a reason. Formulated with our signature ancient blend of peony, neem and turmeric, this serum packs a powerful punch of antioxidants and free-radical fighting Vitamin C. What’s even better is that clinical trials showed after 6-weeks of use, 86% of participants said that overall their skin appeared brighter. 

Skincare makes a great stocking stuffer 

Looking for a small, but valuable gift for friends or coworkers? Everyone loves a little bonus gift in their holiday stocking, what better way to show a little extra holiday love than with the gift of Ayurvedic skincare? This season AVYA has combined our award-winning Nourishing Hand Treatment and everyone’s favorite smoothing, plumping Two-in-One Lip Treatment to make a beautifully packaged stocking stuffer that anyone can appreciate. 

Skincare Sets are a great holiday gift idea

When giving the gift of skincare, sets are a great way to go because they often contain several products that address different needs and can be incorporated into a person’s daily skincare regimen.  

Whether you’re gifting a person who is always on-the-go or giving someone a luxury brand that they’ve never tried before, travel-sized holiday sets are a great idea. AVYA’s Discovery Starter Set, a set of 4 travel-sized versions of our Gentle Cleanser, Night Moisturizer, Eye Bright Cream and our Anti-Aging Power Serum, comes beautifully packaged and includes a description with valuable details about each product making it the perfect gift for a family member or friend who is new to the brand. Each product is conveniently sized to fit in a purse or carry-on bag making it a breeze to carry your skincare regimen wherever you go. The products are also the perfect size to be used as stocking stuffers. 

The Love Your Glow and Love Your Skin Sets combine the best of AVYA Hydroveda and AVYA Advanced lines into two luxuriously packaged sets. All you need to do is add a lovely handwritten card for the perfect personalized touch. 

If you’re unsure of which products to purchase, gift cards are a great way to allow the recipient to choose the perfect product for their skincare needs. 


Moisturizers are a great gift idea during Winter holidays

The colder months tend to exacerbate conditions like dry, itchy skin and chapped lips. A drier climate and indoor heat can damage skin, so it’s important to moisturize. As noted in Vogue, applying a moisturizer to your face at night and a moisturizer to your hands should be a priority because those areas are most exposed to seasonal elements.  

A thick night moisturizer or an ultra-hydrating hand cream like AVYA’s Nourishing Hand Treatment are great skincare gift ideas that can be used by anyone on your list. 

Don’t forget to add yourself to the gift list.

Ayurveda teaches us that balance is key in all aspects of life. While you’re busy gifting everyone else, it’s important to take time to give back to yourself. There’s no better time of year to treat yourself to luxury skincare than during the holidays. 

We hope your holiday season is filled with warmth, love and happiness.