Our Story

AVYA is a beautiful Sanskrit word which means “first rays of the Sun,” and in the end, we believe it’s a fitting name to a new day in skincare.

As we began our journey to create a luxury skincare line designed to indulge all skin tones, we were inspired by generations of family and friends who harnessed the power of ancient ingredients in their daily lives. Natural botanicals, like neem and turmeric, would become central to our vision.

Searching for new skincare routines of our own, we became increasingly frustrated by our inability to find products that truly addressed our skincare concerns. Ignored by the current market offerings, we decided to take things into our own hands.

The foremost vision was to create the most efficacious line with the finest botanicals for the global woman. After six long years of painstakingly researching, developing and testing our products (not to mention a couple name changes along the way), we’ve been uncompromising in this process, prioritizing quality, luxury and efficacy.

Having lived on three different continents throughout my life and constantly struggling to find a skincare line for my needs, I set out to develop a line that empower women from around the world to believe in the true, inherent beauty in us all.

Deepika Vyas

Co-Founder, CEO

Throughout my experience as a cosmetic facial surgeon, I have learned about the nature of skincare ingredients and which ones have maximum efficacy when managing the molecular pathway of melanin. After 6 uncompromising years, I am proud to share what our synergistic formula of ancient botanicals and rare compounds can do for your skin.

Tanuj Nakra, M.D.

Co-Founder, Head of Product