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How Increasing Mindfulness Can Improve Your Skincare Routine How Increasing Mindfulness Can Improve Your Skincare Routine

How Increasing Mindfulness Can Improve Your Skincare Routine

Use mindfulness techniques to turn your everyday routine into a relaxing ritual

Mindfulness is a term that has been showing up a lot over the past few years, but it has been part of Ayurvedic practices for over 5 thousand years. The goal of practicing mindfulness is to slow down to be present in the moment and to be fully aware of thoughts, physical sensations, and the world around you. 

Mindfulness can be incorporated into every part of your life. The more you practice it, the more aware you become of nuances in your atmosphere. It's a powerful way to connect more with yourself, your family and your inner power while also helping you cope with everyday life and strengthen your overall sense of physical and mental wellbeing. You can start in small ways by bringing mindfulness into your everyday rituals. Your skincare routine is the perfect place to start. 

3 Ways to Introduce Mindfulness Into Your Skincare Routine

  1. Take your time when applying your products.  Oftentimes our skincare routines become second nature and we rush through them. To incorporate mindfulness into your skincare regimen, take a deep breath and try to clear your mind. Try to focus on the texture and consistency of the products. How do they feel? Take time to massage the products into your skin carefully. This whole process can be done in just a few minutes, but by introducing mindfulness, you can create a relaxing experience whose benefits will have lasting effects during the day.
  2. Be conscious of the product ingredients.  Select products that contain high quality ingredients. At AVYA, we source the best Ayurvedic botanicals and balance them with the most advanced skincare technology and medical-grade actives. AVYA Skincare CollectionOur Signature Set contains 5 of our best selling products that are all formulated with microencapsulation technology allowing our AVYA Signature Complex, a carefully selected blend of neem, peony, and turmeric extracts, along with other effective vitamins, to be deposited deep into the layers of your skin. This process allows the formula to be absorbed more efficiently and produces glowing results in a relatively quick time with consistent use. Taking time to research product ingredients and making sure they are in alignment with the results you want from your skincare routine is a great way to incorporate mindfulness into your skincare routine. 
  3. Set an Intention before you begin your daily regimen. Before you begin your skincare routine, take a second to assess how you’re feeling. If you look in the mirror and are unhappy with your appearance, the intention you may want to set could be about self-love, confidence, and self-acceptance. If you’re feeling frustrated, the intention could be focused on gratitude and kindness. Ayurveda teaches us that authentic power comes from within. You have the ability to decide how you want to feel and by adding this mindfulness technique to your skincare routine, you can decide how you want this small experience to make you feel. You can decide to feel refreshed and at peace, the decision is all yours.