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Facial Massage

We are currently living in a time where social media has become an important part of many people’s lives. It’s more than just a pass time, it’s become an important tool for businesses and personal brands alike. Video has taken over and while retouching photos can be done with ease, video formats are not as forgiving. There are tons of virtual apps with filters that can help improve your appearance and they are fine to use if you like, but it’s also a really good idea to focus on healthy skincare and self care practices that make you feel good and allow you to show up as authentically as you can for your followers. So, before you go searching for the best skin smoothing app or the best virtual makeup app, we wanted to share some self-love practices that lead to natural, video-ready skin.  

Women Taking Selfie

Achieve Photo and Video Ready Skin

Makeup is so much fun and it plays a huge part for many people who spend time in front of a camera. Any makeup artist worth their weight in gold will tell you that the best foundation for any makeup look is a clear complexion and smooth skin texture. And while we all have issues with our skin at some point, dermatologists all seem to agree on one thing: consistency is key when it comes to having “good” skin.

Self Love Tip #1: Get comfortable with imperfections

Blemishes will come and go, scarring is normal for most people, fine lines are normal and we all have visible pores. With the wide usage of filters, video and editing software, makeup plugins and photo-editing apps, it can be easy to forget what real skin actually looks like.

Skin texture is 100% normal.

It’s natural to feel self-conscious at times, especially when we live in a society that has us constantly comparing ourselves to retouched and edited images, but developing a consistent, healthy skincare routine can improve skin’s texture and overall appearance which can help minimize the need for filters.

Avya Skincare Products

Finding products that contain healing properties, antioxidants and high quality ingredients will be beneficial to your routine. Knowing which ingredients to use is also important. For example, ingredients like retinol will help resurface and improve the visible texture of your skin, while Vitamin C will help brighten your complexion and hyaluronic acid will help retain moisture.

Daily Face Routine

Self Love Tip #2: Create a daily face routine that will help you relax

Figuring out which products work best for your skin and creating a consistent routine is important when it comes to having skin that looks great in photos and on video. There are plenty of ways to find out your skin type. You can also use a product finder to figure out which products are right for your specific skincare concerns.

Once you know which products are right for you, work on turning your routine into more of a ritual by incorporating mindfulness to create a calming mood, even if it’s just for five minutes. As you apply your products, take deep breaths and relax your facial muscles. Include some personal facial massage to increase blood flow and decrease tension that can lead to fine lines. Small, daily acts of self care add up.  

Self Love Tip #3: Be conscious of what you consume

We’ve all heard the phrase “you are what you eat” at some point. And while this is absolutely true and Ayurvedic practices recommend a healthy diet filled with whole foods, fruits and vegetables, consumption goes beyond just your diet.

Take a look at the content you’re consuming on social media and pay attention to the messaging you receive and how you feel as you scroll through your timeline. If you find yourself comparing and feeling insecure, unfollow those accounts. Follow accounts that inspire you and invoke positive feelings. Remember that inner feelings of joy and authentic happiness radiate outward. When you feel good about yourself, it shows.