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Rise & Shine: 5-Minute Morning Skincare Routine Rise & Shine: 5-Minute Morning Skincare Routine

Rise & Shine: 5-Minute Morning Skincare Routine

A quick morning skincare routine that will leave your skin fresh and glowing

Most dermatologists agree that having a daily skincare routine is important for skin health. As the summer ends and back-to-school life starts, it can feel like mornings leave very little time for handling needs like a face routine. But giving your skin attention for a few minutes before you walk out the door can be the difference between healthy, protected skin or a dull, damaged complexion.

Whether you’re heading to class, dropping the kids off at school or running to work, we wanted to share a 5-minute fix that will keep your skin bright and glowing all day long. 

5-Minute Daily Face Routine

Morning face care should be simple, light and easy to apply. It can be used to prep your skin for makeup or to give you a fresh-faced glow.

Step 1: Gently cleanse your skin every morning

This step is important for removing dead skin cells and sebum that may have accumulated during sleep. If you have a nightly routine, you’ll really want to wash off the products you used the night before. 

Use a gentle cleanser that contains soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients to relieve any redness or irritation. Our soothing Milk Cleanser works great for this.

Step 2: Apply a hydrating serum

Serums have different properties that help with a variety of skin concerns. Keeping your skin moisturized throughout the day will help prevent damage like wrinkles and fine lines. A healthy skin barrier is a hydrated one, so be sure to look for a serum that locks in moisture. A great option would be to use a serum containing niacinamide, a molecule that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water! This will keep your skin soft and supple throughout the day. 

Step 3: Protect the skin around your eyes

The skin in the eye area is very delicate and prone to damage. Help strengthen and protect the eye area by applying a serum or cream that will keep the area hydrated. Using a serum like our Eye Bright is a great idea because it contains topical caffeine which increases circulation, leaving your eye area looking refreshed. 

Step 4: Always moisturize

Using a quality moisturizer to protect the skin barrier throughout the day is an absolute must. Ingredients that hydrate and soothe are also really important for this step. Try a lighter weight cream for daytime to avoid excess oil especially if you’re prepping your skin for makeup. 

We love our Hydroveda Moisturizer which contains both hyaluronic acid and snow mushroom to keep your skin soft and supple throughout the day.

Step 5: Protect your skin with mineral-based SPF

Every daytime skin routine must include this step. Wearing SPF is essential to keeping your skin healthy and protected from damaging UV rays and free radicals. Using a tinted moisturizer that contains mineral SPF like our Hydroveda Sheer Tinted Moisturizer is a great way to complete your daily face routine.