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Why You Should Include Caffeine In Your Morning Skincare Routine Why You Should Include Caffeine In Your Morning Skincare Routine

Why You Should Include Caffeine In Your Morning Skincare Routine

If you’re one of the millions of people who can’t start your day without a cup of coffee, you’re going to love what we’re about to share with you about one of the best ingredients to add to your morning skin care routine. As it turns out, your morning espresso isn’t the only thing that will give you a pick-me-up. Topical caffeine is the skincare ingredient you never knew you needed. 

Topical caffeine is a potent anti-inflammatory

AVYA Eye Bright with Topical Caffeine

Many of us know about using tea bags or cucumbers to treat the eye area, but caffeine is the real star when it comes to reducing dark circles and bags under the eyes. 

Caffeine reduces puffiness and dark circles by improving circulation in the skin. While the results are not usually long lasting, using topical caffeine on a daily basis will give you the best results. In facial skincare products, caffeine is best used in the eye area in a cream form.

Caffeine is known to dissolve fat immediately under the skin

Caffeine is known to dessolve fat

There’s a reason why caffeine is used in body scrubs and cellulite treatment. While it is widely debated, many think caffeine has the ability to dissolve fat immediately underneath the surface of the skin. It does so by converting the fat into fatty acids, allowing it to be removed by increased circulation and metabolized into carbon dioxide. While it can possibly help to improve the look of cellulite, it will not make you lose weight when applied topically. 

Caffeine is a great source of antioxidants

Caffeine is rich in polyphenols and hydroxycinnamic acids, powerful antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals. In fact, studies show that coffee is one of the best sources of antioxidants in the human diet. But does the same go for topically applied caffeine? The answer is a big YES

When applied topically caffeine can protect your skin from the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and balanced diet while including topical caffeine in your daily skincare regimen can have very positive effects.