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Morning Mantra, Morning Tea Morning Mantra, Morning Tea

3 Morning Mantras to Jumpstart Your Day

Learn why and how mantras work to boost your mental, spiritual and overall physical health

Ayurveda is an ancient science, developed over five thousand years, that combines processes of  mental, physical, and spiritual practice to create a guide for achieving overall health. 

For their entire lives, AVYA’s founders have been immersed in the lifestyle and education of Ayurveda. 


Born and raised in Kenya of Indian heritage, Co-Founder, Deepika Vyas, can recall the application of Ayurvedic recipes and remedies even from her early childhood. “If we ever got even a small cut, my grandmother would apply turmeric to heal the wound.” Co-Founder, Dr. Tanuj Nakra, is a triple board certified cosmetic surgeon and Deepika’s nephew, who also subscribes to an Ayurvedic lifestyle that includes a primarily plant-based diet. “I always recommend a nutrient-rich, plant-based diet to my clients. Creating a healthy environment within your physical body will show outwardly.” 

As Within, So Without

The idea that your inner physical health is expressed outwardly is common knowledge for most of us. “You are what you eat” is a common phrase here in the U.S. where we’re taught from a young age that consuming whole foods, fruits and vegetables will help us maintain a healthy body and appearance. But, how often are we taught about our mental nutrition? 


Luckily, in recent years mental health has become a far less taboo topic. However, it is one that the science of Ayurveda has recognized as integral to overall human health and optimal body functioning for thousands of years. If your mind is not healthy, your body will not function at its best. Ayurveda incorporates a theory of mind, body, and spiritual balance based on the concept that when either of these human aspects is out of alignment, illness is the result. Practices like yoga and meditation were created as tools in Ayurveda to address the non-physical aspects of our nutritional needs. 


At AVYA, we believe in the power of Ayurveda to help each and every person achieve the best version of themselves. We create formulas that balance the science of Ayurveda with the most advanced technology in skincare science to create products that nourish skin from deep within to give you a glowing complexion that makes you feel radiant from the inside out. 

We know that feeling good is about more than just great skin and we believe that Ayurvedic practices like mindfulness and meditation have the power to help you find inner peace, strength and self love, which are all keys to reaching your highest self. Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to share a few of our favorite morning mantras to help energize and start your day off right. 


In addition to breathing exercises and mindfulness meditation, mantras are a great way to focus your consciousness on the positive possibilities of each day. Our perception creates our reality, so consciously creating and building on positive thoughts can help you harness your inner glow.


A mantra is a word or phrase that is meant to be repeated silently or aloud for the purpose of enhancing mental concentration during meditation. Using morning mantras can set the tone for your day and how you respond to daily stress and minor or major inconveniences. 

Morning Mantras

“I Am Powerful”

This mantra is perfect for helping you feel grounded and sets the tone for dealing with the outside world. It focuses on your internal power and helps you realize that you are the only one who gets to decide whether you’re happy or not. No event, circumstance, or person outside yourself can steal your peace or joy unless you allow them to. 


Use this mantra when you need a confidence boost to tap into your inner strength. 

“I Love”

Love is at the center of all existence and in Ayurveda, it’s recognized as the most powerful force in our universe. This mantra activates your heart chakra and helps align you vibrationally with positive and loving energies. 


This mantra is perfect for times when you need to cultivate more love for people you’re interacting with or even for times when you feel lonely, unloved, anxious or fearful. All things are interconnected and love is what binds us. 

“I Am Grateful”

Mantras are really about aligning or realigning our mental and spiritual minds. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational energies. Unfortunately, it’s also sometimes the hardest energy to maintain when our lives or things around us are not going as planned. 

 Morning Mantra, Rejoice, Self-care

This mantra is meant to help you focus on all that you do have. As you repeat this mantra, envision only the people, experiences, and places that have brought you joy in your life. Focus only on the joyful ones and allow yourself to feel deeply thankful for all of those things. 

Use this mantra when you are feeling disconnected, disillusioned, or even downright sad to remind yourself that there is good in your life, that there has been good in your life, and that you will experience good in your future. This is also a great daily mantra that helps with mindfulness.