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Ayurveda and Spring: How to Balance Kapha Dosha Ayurveda and Spring: How to Balance Kapha Dosha

Ayurveda and Spring: How to Balance Kapha Dosha

4 ways to incorporate Ayurvedic methods to create balance during the Spring season

At AVYA we incorporate Ayurveda into more than just our high-quality skincare products. We believe in the power of Ayurveda to improve lives because we have experienced the benefits of this science, which has been practiced in India for over five thousand years. We’ve found that balancing efficacious actives like retinol and other medical-grade vitamins with the most advanced skincare technology and ancient Ayurvedic botanicals has allowed us to produce a line of products that are deeply nourishing and  gentle enough for all skin types and tones.

Spring is finally here. As flowers begin to bloom and new growth is happening in the outer world around us, it’s a great time to freshen up your routine with Ayurvedic practices that will improve your overall personal health: skin, outer body and inner body. In Ayurveda, these early months of Spring are largely associated  with Kapha, the Ayurvedic Dosha characterized by heaviness, coolness, earthiness and moisture. Since Ayurveda is all about balance, we want to share some tips to help you feel more aligned during these next couple months. 

Eat a Kapha-Balancing Diet

“As within, so without” is a term that can be applied to the science of Ayurveda which relies heavily on the idea that the inner world (ie: your mental health, spiritual health, and inner-body physical health) are intrinsically connected to your outer environment, the circumstances you experience in life, and your outer physical body. Studies have shown that diet can impact mental health. The food you eat can contribute to your ability to fight depression, anxiety, and can even help or hinder your ability to focus. Diet is also a key factor in keeping your inner and outer physical body healthy.  If you want great skin, it really is important to eat a diet high in necessary nutrients. Dr. Nakra, AVYA’s co-founder and a triple board certified cosmetic surgeon, believes that a mostly plant based diet is important to maintain overall health. “It’s important to live an active lifestyle that incorporates a healthy diet. I always advise my clients to stick to a mostly plant-based diet.”

Here are some foods to incorporate into your diet during Kapha Season to balance out the heaviness of the upcoming Spring months: 

- Avoid sweets, excess salt that can cause water retention, and cold or heavy foods.

- Roasted vegetables, warm basmati rice or quinoa. Incorporate warming spices like turmeric, pepper and cinnamon into your recipes. 

- Teas with lemon and ginger, which have metabolic stimulating properties, are great for balancing Kapha Dosha. 

Perform a self massage to neutralize and release heavy Kapha energy

Ayurvedic self-massage, also known as abhyanga, has a multitude of benefits that include improved lymphatic drainage, firmer and more toned skin, better sleep, and improved circulation and stamina. 

One great form of abhyanga is self face massage in which you apply oils and serums, like AVYA’s Anti-Aging Power Serum, to the face and massage in upward, circular motions the jaws, cheeks, temples and forehead. As you perform abhyanga, try incorporating mindfulness practices that heal and nourish your mind, body and soul. An example of this would be to focus on the gratitude you feel for your body and for how it carries you through life. 

Practicing this type of self-care even just a few times per week will lead to increased feelings of confidence, a greater sense of appreciation for self, and glowing skin.

Incorporate early morning meditation into your daily routine

For some people the idea of meditation can be a bit intimidating, but this doesn’t have to be the case at all. Starting with just 2 to 5 minutes of meditation every morning, or even a few days per week, can significantly improve your ability to focus and increase feelings of peace, mental/physical alignment, and can help you improve your mood. 

Meditation is another great way to practice mindfulness and to increase your awareness of self. Developing this awareness is a great way to improve your life and the life of people around you. AVYA co-founder, Deepika Vyas, incorporates gratitude into her daily meditations. She says, “Focusing on gratitude helps me deal with daily stress and helps keep me centered when not-so-great things happen.” 

Get active! 

Exercise is a great way to balance out the stagnant energy that is part of Kapha Dosha. Getting outside for a walk or run is a great way to improve circulation and increase brain chemicals like seratonin and endorphins which lead to better moods and decreased pain. As always, be sure to apply a moisturizer that contains sun protection. Try AVYA’s Day Moisturizer to stay hydrated and protect skin from the sun’s UV rays which can lead to premature aging.