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Benefits of Peonies in Skincare Benefits of Peonies in Skincare

Benefits of Peonies in Skincare

The science of Ayurveda spans over five thousand years. Over that time, Ayurvedic practitioners have developed knowledge surrounding the efficacy of thousands of herbs, roots, and plants in treating and maintaining our health. 

At AVYA, we have experienced the benefits of Ayurveda and that is why we balance the most advanced skincare technology with tried and true ancient Ayurvedic botanicals in all of our formulas. 

One of the stars of AVYA’s carefully sourced ingredient list is Peony. This pale pink, ruffled flower is really beautiful to look at, but even more amazing are the health benefits that it provides. 

Peony is a powerful antioxidant

Oxidation is a natural process that damages and breaks down all of the cells in our body, including our skin cells, causing us to age more rapidly. 

When it comes to skincare, finding products that help fight the aging process is important in keeping skin healthy and youthful. Look for ingredients that contain high levels of  antioxidants which fight free radicals that can come from environmental stressors like pollution and UV rays from sun exposure. 

Peony is rich in antioxidants which is why we chose to AVYA’s Signature Complex - a blend of turmeric, neem, and peony that is microencapsulated to ensure penetration into the deepest layers of the skin. Peony’s antioxidant properties make it ideal for use in skincare products like moisturizers as well as sun protection products like AVYA’s Day Moisturizer

Paeonol has anti-inflammatory and healing properties

Peonies are so much more than a fragrant, beautiful flower and have been used in holistic practices around the world as a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory. They contain an active chemical, called paeonol, which is also known to be an antifungal and antibacterial. This potent healing combination makes skincare products containing peony great for preventing breakouts as well as the aftermath which can include redness, swelling, and hyperpigmentation. AVYA’s Anti-Aging Power Serum is great for evening out skin tone and diminishing acne marks, dark marks, and new scars that result from skin irritation. 

Peonies have hydrating and healing properties

Peonies are particularly hydrating which makes them great for use in heavy creams and serums. AVYA’s Night Moisturizer is formulated with powerful actives like retinol that are balanced with botanicals like Peony, making it extremely hydrating yet gentle enough for everyday use.