Ayurvedic Tip

Your skin health depends on your daily routine and your diet.

Eat a balanced diet by including fruits, vegetables and other whole foods that are rich in nutrients to support a healthy glow. 


How to Cultivate Authentic Power Through Ayurveda

3 tips to help find your inner power by channeling love and abundance through Ayurvedic practices Ayurveda teaches us that...

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3 Morning Mantras to Jumpstart Your Day

Learn why and how mantras work to boost your mental, spiritual and overall physical health

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Summer Skincare Tips for Every Skin Type

How to create the best Summer skincare routine for your skin type

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How Increasing Mindfulness Can Improve Your Skincare Routine

Use mindfulness techniques to turn your everyday routine into a relaxing ritual

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The Vitamin That Makes You Glow: Vitamin D

Learn about Vitamin D and ways to incorporate it into your diet

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Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Tips for how to choose great skincare gifts for the mothers in your life

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Mother Earth & Ayurveda: 3 Ayurvedic Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

A short history of Earth Day and 3 ways to incorporate Ayurveda into the holiday

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Benefits of Peonies in Skincare

The science of Ayurveda spans over five thousand years. Over that time, Ayurvedic practitioners have developed knowledge surrounding the efficacy...

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Ayurveda and Spring: How to Balance Kapha Dosha

4 ways to incorporate Ayurvedic methods to create balance during the Spring season

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How to Choose the Best Cleanser for Your Skin Type

Tips on facial cleansing and how to find the right cleanser for dry, oily or combination skin.

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How to Improve Your Luck Through Ayurveda

Tips on how use Ayurvedic rituals to improve your luck

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Tips from Dr. Tanuj Nakra: How to Transition Your Skincare Routine from Winter to Spring

Dr. Tanuj Nakra provides 5 Tips on how to transition your skincare regimen as the seasons change

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